Here are a few short bios of the crew at Skyrider, and special thanks for their indespensible contributions. We are especially grateful to all of our other friends who have selflessly helped out over the years.

Mike Chicco - President/FAACFI

Jon Carlson - Sport Pilot/Fmr. Ultralight Basic Flight Instructor

PerryChow - Ultralight Pilot/Photographer/Part-Time Air Boss

Jeff Steele - Sport Pilot/Mechanic/Sales Rep./Training Support/Wavy the Crocodile

Bob Schidel - Ultralight Pilot/Photographer/Electronics/Maintenance Support

Tim Gihon - Sport Pilot/Fmr. Ultralight Basic Flight Instructor/Ground Crew and Business Support

Francesco Chicco - Sport Pilot/Training Support/Ground Crew and Business Support

Bill Peterson - Sport Pilot/Fmr. Ultralight Advanced Flight Instructor/Ground Crew, Business and Moral Support

George Striker - Commercial and GA Pilot/Ground School Instructor/A&P Mechanic

Dorn Kennison - Ultralight Pilot/Student Sport Pilot/Marketing & Graphic Design/Webmaster