When we fly. As with all flying machines, we are governed by the weather. Ultralights and ELSA (experimental light sport aircraft) use VFR (visual flight regulations). We need to see the ground and have to see 3 miles around us. We do not fly when winds are at or above 17 knots. You can feel confident that our expert pilots are intimately aquainted with all types of weather conditions. Your saftey is of our Utmost concern. Our record is impeccable. We want you to have FUN!!

You can book your flight
as a 'walk-in' or through our web form . Feel free to also call or e-mail Mike, our Senior FAACFI. Check the daily weather on the contact page and always call the Camarillo ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service), 805-484-3351 for constant weather conditions at the airfield. We reserve the right to change your flight based on prevailing weather conditions. See the Weather Links on our Contact page for the most current data available.

Here is a sample of the boarding pass you will recieve via e-mail
after you purchase your flight or gift certificates. Just print it
out and bring it to the field.