Here are some excellent links for Aviators, Students, Fans and Friends. Especially those desiring to fly low-and-slow in Ultralight style Flying Machines!
There are other sites around, that will 'bury' you with technical information. We have tried to avoid that confusion as much as possible by providing simple, informative,
easy to read links that you can browse at your leisure. While there is much to learn during the course of your Flight Training, your progress is up to you and
under the careful guidence of your FAA Certified Flight Instructor. Don't rush yourself. You must be completely confident in your own abilities at every stage.
Study and Practice, Practice, Practice! Remember the tortise and the hare, and that we're behind you every step of the way.


Important info for pilots, patricularly your radio frequencies and ATIS number. Follow their links for more great info on this fantastic airport! See the classic aircraft and museums too!

  The best in the business! Get your Headsets, Helmets, Adapters, Cables and Accesories here.

We fly Quicksilvers! Check their site for current info on Ultralight and Sport Aircraft.

More Camarillo weather. Weekly forcasts, radar and wind direction maps. Indispencible!

The FAA is a storehouse of information! You will paticularly want to review the definitions, rules, regs and ACs for part 103-7, 14 CFR part 91, 14 CFR part 61 and related NOTAMS. Subscribe to the Safety Briefing

The ASA is the publisher of many of our training textbooks. Including your FAR/AIM and Sport Pilot Test Prepware, just to name a few. Students and seasoned pilots shoul review this site. We never stop learning!

Rainbow is located in Northern California founded by Carol & Brian Carpenter, but is included here because of their seasoned knowledge, professionalism and particular publication of "AProfessional Approach to Ultralights". An FA-18 Super Hornet fighter pilot,turned me on to this awesome book! Check all their informative links.

The United States Ultralight Association is an amazing source for students of Aviation. Particularly the text book "TheUltralight Pilot's Flight Training Manual". Required reading for student pilots who want to buy their own Flying Machine, and an important first in your Ground School texts.

The Premiere place to get your LA Sectionals, E6-Bs, Plotters Radios , Head Phones, Flight Suits, at the Camarillo Airport. Also found at ASA.

  Excellent Aviation website for Garmin, Headsets, NAV/COM. Training Materials and much more

  Hungry? Enjoy a break for some wonderful cookin' at this cafe. Bring the family and friends as you vist the airport!

The most popular Aviation website for Used Ultralights, Gear, Engines, Props and just about anything else. Do yousef a favor and check them out, if you haven't already!