Our mission at Skyrider Ultralights, is to promote, introduce, inform and teach Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation to the general public, in our Local Communities and Nationwide! For those who want to fly, we are your Ambassadors of Aviation! Many people don't even know what an Ultralight is. And, if they did; they would jump at the chance to go aloft, flying 'low and slow'. Thousands of fans and would-be pilots have desired to 'take-to-the-skies' in a safe and economical way. Flying like the birds, with the wind in your face, has been the desire of mankind since the very beginning of time. Even Daedelus and Icarus sought to touch the Sun, with sometimes tragic results. Today, our aviation pioneers, the risk takers, have suffered the worst and designed the best of every possible flying machine imaginable. From the Curtiss Pusher to the FA-18 Super Hornet, Man is the only species without wings, that has learned to fly.

We salute the 'Early Birds', the pioneering pilots of our Armed Forces, Commercial Aviation and General Aviation. Thank you for your contribution to man's flight. We honor you every time we take to the skies in an Ultralight!