This WWI Barnstorming poster says it all, except the price. We'd love to be able to fly at 1917 prices, but we're still the most economical in 2017! Check out our Introductory Lesson rates!

All introductrory lessons include ‘hands-on’ flight instruction with an F.A.A. Certified Flight Instructor, also a complete preflight briefing and the opportunity to actually fly the aircraft with the instructor by your side.

bug2 $95.00 Skyrider Discovery. For 15 minutes You'll experience the thrill of Ultralight Flying, while seeing the sights of Camarillo and local areas from the air !
bug1 $135.00 Skyrider Awesome. After flying next to the mountains and low over the farm fields, you’ll be surprised how fast you get the feel of this 10 mile, 30 minute lesson .
bug3 $195.00 Skyrider Extreme Ocean Run. Imagine flying to the Pacific Shoreline, crusing above the waves and smelling the sea air. You’ll do all this plus , buzz the Santa Clara River on your return to Camarillo. This one-hour lesson is truly breathtaking!
$195.00 Skyrider Sunset Run. This is fast becoming our most popular one-hour lesson. It follows the same flight path as our 'Extreme Ocean Run'; With one Major Exception... it's at SUNSET! Nowhere Else, can you experience these stunning vistas...at Any Price! Reserve early! These flights are extremely limited!

EVENTS ?- We've hosted them all! Weddings, Parties, Group Events and Film Productions!
We offer: Catering, Barbeques and Decorations...or bring your own. Call us with your details!

FILM or TELEVISION PRODUCTION ? Ever use Ultralight Platform Photography? We've got you covered. We can help you coordinate any production requirements you may have.